Prof. Dr. med. Ingmar Blümcke


2nd annual DESIRE meeting in Erlangen

We are pleased to announce the 2nd annual meeting of the DESIRE consortium funded by the European Union FP7 health programme, October 5th to 7th 2015 in Erlangen, Germany

DESIRE has the objective to gain insights into

common pathomechanisms of epilepsy, thereby improving and opening new

diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives for epileptic developmental disorders, as

well as preventing deleterious complications, especially cognitive dysfunction.

We build 6 workpackages from 23 partners in 8 European countries, with an

outstanding track record in clinical, genetic, and functional research, which

will act within a highly integrated collaboration to exchange data and sample

pools addressing „Development and Epilepsy - Strategies for Innovative Research

to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment in children with difficult to

treat Epilepsy (DESIRE – grant agreement # 602531)“.




All PIs will present an update of their research

projects, including the clinical trial using a ketogenic diet before surgical

treatment in Focalö Coretical Dysplasia ILAE Type II (EDIBLE), and our

scientific advisory commission will gain insights into future planning. We

offer 4 workshops for 7Tesla MRI, MEG, epigenetics and neuropathology. Please

register in advance to guarantee room for participation (see attached

registration form). Our focus on the interface between the clinical phenomenology

of epileptic developmental disorders and key pathophysiological processes of

brain development and maturation aims at raising Epilepsy Research in Europe to

a new level, which will translate in the clinical dimension and improve

treatment options.


Beginn: 05.10.2015 00.00 Uhr
Ende: 07.10.2015 00.00 Uhr


Institut für Neuropathologie
Schwabachanlage 6
91054 Erlangen


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