Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Ingmar Blümcke

Funding sources

Since May 2002 all scientific research projects at the Department of Neuropathology have been funded by the following funding organizations, foundations and other resources:

Funding through the European Union (EU)

7th Framework Program, project acronym DESIRE

Topic: Development and Epilepsy - Strategies for Innovative Research to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment  in children with difficult to treat Epilepsy (DESIRE).

PI: Prof. Ingmar Blümcke

DESIRE is an FP7 funded project (Grant Agreement no: 602531), involving 25 partners in 11 countries, with eight third parties, a total of 2166 person months, with more than 250 researchers involved and 19 clinical centres involved in the clinical trial. Within the DESIRE consortium the Department of Neuropathology at the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen will address genetic and epigenetic causes of epileptogenic malformations of cortical development with a particular focus on Focal Cortical Dysplasias.

Funding period: 2013-2018

6th Framework Program, project acronym EPICURE

Topic: Functional genomics and neurobiology of epilepsy: a basis for new therapeutic strategies (EPICURE).

PI: Prof. Ingmar Blümcke

Funding period: 2007-2009

Funding through the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Project SCHR 562/15-1

Topic: "Cellular mechanisms leading to desminopathy: Segregation, aggregation and proteostasis imbalance of desmin mutants in muscle cells and tissue."

PIs: Prof. Harald Herrmann und Prof. Rolf Schröder

Funding period: 02/2017-01/2019

Project BU 2878/2-1

Topic: The pathogenesis of craniopharyngioma - Charakterisation of a tumor stem cell niche as potential new target for treatment 

PI: Prof. Rolf Buslei

Funding period: 2014-2017




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