Prof. Dr. med. Ingmar Blümcke

INES 2018 in Erlangen (July 26-29)

8th International Summer School for Neuropathology and Epilepsy Surgery

Welcome to our 8th International Summer School for Neuropathology and Epilepsy Surgery in Erlangen, Germany! We are honored to continue the series of international workshops in 2018 with advanced training opportunities for neuro-/pathologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroimager and neuroscientists.

We offer a comprehensive training environment in small teaching groups at binocular, multihead or virtual microscopes to study the spectrum of epilepsy-associated lesions in surgical human brain tissue. Distinguished lecturer will train participants in clinical semiology, imaging, and neurosurgery, thereby emphasizing the impact of neuropathology in clinical decision making. Our tutors will help you and your group guiding through a selected series of epilepsy surgery specimens, presenting the ILAE classification of hippocampal sclerosis, and focal cortical dysplasias, as well as the WHO classification 2016 for low-grade epilepsy-associated brain tumors. We also welcome you to present and discuss own cases from your daily routine with our distinguished faculty.

As in previous years, our summer school in fully booked. We are happy to welcome 53 participants from 27 countries around the world. 16 distinguished experts in the field have accepted our invitation as this year’s teaching faculty. Please download the preliminary program for your information and further planning.




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